About Card Connection

Card Connection is the market leader in the franchised distribution of greeting cards and operates a Franchise Network which covers the UK and Ireland. We supply over 12,000 outlets, from independent retailers through to major groups such as BP, Budgens, WH Smith (Motorway), Shell, BWG Spar in Ireland and C.J. Lang’s in Scotland.

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Web development

Card Connection came to us looking to modernise their website with a new, more flexible back-end and a responsive design. They also needed a way to allow potential franchisees to search for areas that were currently available, and start the process of applying online. To this end we built a custom map interface highlighting the areas available, with a location search.

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Franchise Areas

Building on top of the WordPress CMS, we added a new section allowing Card Connection to simply add in details about new and existing areas they had available for  potential franchisees including selecting areas by postcodes on a google map, and automatically generating a printable PDF of the information.

Franchise Search

These areas are then dynamically added to a searchable google map, making finding an area near by a breeze. From the map people can click through to find out more about the available area chosen.


Franchise Application

From the franchise area page the franchisees can then start the process of signing up using a custom multi-page form, which gets submitted to Card Connection for review.